THRIVE! – 3/31/15


We close out the free THRIVE! preview opportunities today .. here’s the session!

We’ll use the studio lengthwise .. movement at the mirrors, traverse halfway, another exercise, continue to end of mats, a move and return.  Here is the sequence:

Start with 10 power jacks

Walking lunge to halfway mark

At halfway point, glute bridge with kick x 10 — stay on same leg

Continue the walking lunge to end of mat

10 Plie Squats

… for the return trip….

Hurry Up Duck Walk to the halfway mark

Do the glute bridge/kicks on the other leg

Finish the hurry up duck back to start

Rest for up to a minute (use the sand timers…) … do 5 rounds

Finisher — tabata timing 20/10 – the 20s are squats, the 10s are pulses.

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