New Group Ex Weekly Calendar

We’ve rolled out a revised weekly schedule which took effect on Monday, March 14th.

Group Ex at 2 The Max Training features a supportive community experience to help you get on track with healthy habits and then maintain them.  All sessions are just 30 minutes and most group ex packages feature access to unlimited classes.  Family friendly, no explicit lyrics and the sessions are fresh every day.  Nothing canned here, calendarclipartgiving you the flexibility to work at your desired intensity level and modify the session (up or down!) to meet your current fitness level. Here is our current weekly programming schedule.

Mondays and Fridays – Boot Camp

Circuit format with a mix of cardio and strength.  Timing formats will vary.  Participants can expect 3-5 stations and a specific cardio activity.  All sessions will be held in the turf area.

Tuesdays — Tabata Style

The Tabata protocol specifies 8 rounds consisting of 20 seconds work alternating with 10 seconds of rest. It is typically done with a single vigorous exercise (think: burpees!) and the work blocks are performed at 80% of max capacity.  We’ve taken the timing format and pulled it into a fast pace session.  Our format features 4 separate Tabata timed blocks (recovering between them!), each with a particular focus and using pairing 2 exercises in each block. Typical session would have blocks for upper body, lower body, core and a full body block.  We often double up and do two core blocks in place of the full body block.


Wednesday is the traditional “leg day” in the fitness world and we’ve chosen to stay with tradition. The format of the workout varies widely, but the focus is legs and glutes.  We often drop a dedicated core section into Wednesdays depending on where we are doing core elsewhere during the week. Expect many variations of squats and lunges!


Among the most effective calorie burning workouts is anything with a combat sports theme. We do various forms of cardio kickboxing on Thursdays, generally alternating weeks between striking heavy bags and just shadow work.  Punches, kicks, knees, elbows …. Not just a great cardio sculpt format, but king of the stress relievers too!

Saturdays – The “Saturday Circuit

Expanded circuit format with a mix of cardio and strength.  Timing formats will vary.  Participants can expect 6 or more stations featuring a wide array of training implements.

4 Months, Unlimited Classes  $129.00 | Annual, Unlimited Classes $285.60  | Drop In 10 Pack  $49

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