Group Ex – Reinvented

When most people think about group exercise classes, what comes to mind is a group of mostly women doing some session_20160318form of dance-ish activity on something resembling a gym floor. The routines are canned. The music is canned.  The groups are often larger than is optimal to allow the instructor to make on the spot modifications to address the needs of a wide range of fitness levels and folks with specific limitations.  In many ways it resembles an awful lot of church services .. just going through the motions.  Oh of course there are exceptions and there are some truly remarkable programs out there using pre-programmed formats, but bringing such a high level of passion and expertise to it that they transcend what the same thing is in other places.

Sure exercise will sometimes feel like work .. hey, if it was easy, more people would do it, right? But you should leave feeling vibrantly alive. You should be challenged — physically, well, yes… that’s a no brainer.  But maybe there could and should be more .. perhaps you’ve had to concentrate and focus to get your body to do what your mind had doubts about. Maybe you learned a little something about limitations you have … AND capabilities you didn’t know you had!

For most people exercise simply can’t be the same thing over and over. We adapt too fast .. and worse, we get bored. Boredom kills effort. Lack of effort puts results in the tank.  So what if someone put together a program that continually evolved?  A program that maybe had some degree of broad predictability but featured actual sessions that were new and different every single day, yet familiar enough to have an easy learning curve? What if the program was highly efficient, getting you in and out the door in just 30 minutes, leveraging the latest exercise science to ensure maximum results in minimum time.  And what if the core philosophy was not just to pack a gym, but to develop and nuture a supportive, family friendly community and do it at a price point to rival those places who try to sign up hundreds of people, sure in the knowledge that only about 5% will actually make consistent use of their membership?  What would that that look like?  We’re not quite sure either but we’re trying to build exactly that.

If you peruse our past group ex workouts, you’ll find close to 500 unique sessions .. sessions that we actually did with our groups — these are not just some Pinterest pin — we really do post our group ex sessions (HERE), usually the day prior. Could people just do them at home?  Sure they could but that works for a remarkably small percentage of session_20160314people who find that working out at home sounds like a good idea but it take a pretty awesome level of disciple. Oddly enough, this is not unlike that gym membership.  Why is this so? Perhaps there is a missing ingredient.  That ingredient is community.  Very simply, we are a people who seek community and that even applies to the introverts (yours truly included!) among us.  Effective program + supportive community is, we think, a great foundation to moving to and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

session_20160310If you’ve been hesitant to start something, stop waiting.  If you’re either not very satisfied and/or not getting much in way of results with what you are doing, maybe it is time to change things up.  These best way to see if this is for you is to either join us for a preview session or just observe one.  Click the link to the right  (or click HERE) to let us know when you’d like to stop in an preview a class.  We’re reinventing group exercise …. come join us on the journey!

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