Fight the Freshman 15!

Okay .. not statistically likely that you gained 15 pounds your freshman year of college, but the odds are overwhelming you probably did not only gain a little bit of weight, but more importantly, got less healthy than you were when you left in the fall.  While this isn’t great news, the bright side is that you can stem the tide and break away from sliding into habits that will haunt you through your 20s before they outright scare you in your 30s and beyond.frosh15

So here’s a summer fix for you …we’re rolling out a summer class open ONLY to college (and college age) young adults.   (note that this includes access to any of our group ex classes, but we’re only opening this block to you ..). Just $69 for unlimited classes from May 16th – August 31st.  Sounds a little too good to be true, yes? Well, there is a catch — the class is at 7 am Monday-Friday.  Not crazy early (we have a 5:15 am!), but not exactly sleeping in either.  The sessions will be very close to our regular group ex class for each day but we’ll amp things up a bit where it makes sense.   One other catch …. limited to 20 slots!

Questions? Click the Contact link above to send us a quick email ….

Ready to grab your spot?  Click HERE!  (Note — college students whose parents are already members of our group ex program, you already have unlimited access at no additional charge — please just drop us an email to let us know you want to be part of this class so we can adjust available slots accordingly!)

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