Group Ex – Thursday, April 7th

punchThursdays are combat sports themed … we’ll be striking this week on the upright and floor bags and we’ll take advantage of the pair of rolled wrestling mats as well!  No graphic today .. too much to fit!

1.  Jab-Jab-Cross
2.  Jab-jab-Cross (change lead)
3.  Jab-Jab-Side Kick
4.  Jab-Jab-Side Kick (change lead)
5. 5/5 Alternating Side Kick
Floor Bags:
1.  Jump Strike
2.  Straddle Mount Hammer Strikes
3.  5 & Over The Log
4.  F2B Straddle Duck
5.  Bear Hug Squats
Wresting Mats
1.  Elevated Pushup
2.  Elevated Mountain Climber
3.  Elevated Single Leg Hip Thrust (L)
4.  Elevated Single Leg Hip Thrust (R)
5.  5/5 Knee Strikes


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