Group Ex #522 – Saturday, May 14th

I hear from folks all over the place almost every day about bits in our workouts. All of us who write our own stuff are part personally creative and part inspired by others for our material.   We post our own stuff freely to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and follow a lot of fellow trainers .. today, we’ve gathered some interesting stuff from the Intragram world and bundled it for our Saturday circuit …. below you’ll find a semi descriptive name of the move (or what the trainer calls it!), the trainers name (note — I’m not necessarily saying each of these originated with the trainer listed but rather this is who I saw doing it…), a web site address if they have one (though not all are even fitness related .. that’s okay, they still deserve a shout out!) and their Instagram id. Some of these are especially worth following if you find yourself needing a short burst of stuff to do in a hotel room!  So here they are….

African Running Man (Dove Foster  |  | @doviesworkout)
V-Sit Crunch w/Swiss Ball  (Courtney Garbow | | @clg_me0w)
Dumbbell Manmakers (Funk (Marc) Roberts | | @funkmma
Hip Bridge Sextet (Alexa Jean Brown |  |@alexjeanfitness)
Curtsy & Fly (Chris Freytag | | @chrisfreytag)
High Plank Dumbbell Row (Alexia Clark | | @alexia_clark)
High Plank Stackers (Rauve Suave | | @rauvesuave
Slide Mountain Climbers (Kelli Davis | |@kellidavisfit)
Crab Walk & Taps (Kari Merrill |  @kariofitness
Twerknado Squats (Millionaire Hoy | @yaboymillhoy | Look him up in YouTube!!)
A few additional notes… “African” reference above is not in any way intended to be racist… Mr Foster happens to be from Ghana and that’s what he calls it… who am I to argue .. the guy is ripped!
Yes, a gazillion people do manmakers, but nobody promotes variations of the burpee like Funk Roberts (and well, he’s my coach!!….)
Kari is a TRX guru .. this one isn’t from her vast library of TRX gold, but still awesome .. and BTW, she’s a fellow Wisconsinite!)
“Twerknado” .. normally a term we’d steer clear of, but that what he calls it .. Hoy has tons of stuff on YouTube .. need a follow along workout when you’re stuck in a hotel .. he would be my go-to…
There are many more .. but hey, 30 minutes at a time!!

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