Group Ex Schedule Updates – 5/16-5/21

The next couple weeks align with an enormous level of activities on the home front (winding down the school year…) crazyschedulefor Jim and a few logistics still needing to be nailed down, so the schedule is going to be a bit crazy.  We will begin expanding class times on Monday, May 16th, but will need to delay the addition of the after work class for a couple more weeks.  That one will come on board after Memorial Day and will begin on June 1st.  So here is the projected schedule for the coming week:

Monday – 5:15 am | 6 am | 7 am | 9:15 am | 7:15 pm  (Note the early start to night class!)

Tuesday – 5:15 am | 6 am | 7 am | 9:15 am | 7:45 pm

Wednesday-Friday – 5:15 am | 6 am | 7 am | 9:15 am  (No night classes)

Saturday – 6:30 am

By June 1st, we should be up and running with 6 classes daily Monday-Thursday and the morning only classes on Friday and Saturday.

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