The Power of Preparation

We publish a lot of material here on the web site focused on adults and group classes … the real power of these is the feeling of accountability that is built in to community.  Community builds accountability. Accountability creates consistency. Consistency gets you sustainable results. While this is certainly relevant for our collegiate athletes and our younger athletes with college athletics aspirations, you are playing at a whole different level.  Consequently, there are different expectations. For the adult, the only critique that truly matters is the one we apply to ourselves. For the competitive athlete, especially those who are on teams, you are being watched by coaches who are looking for some fairly fundamental things.

There are some commonly cited traits that are important to college coaches, both in the recruiting cycle and once you’ve made a team.  Things like work ethic, passion, goal setting, sportsmanship, leadership, versatility …. you’ve heard these words, but how to they play out in your day to day life?  The good news is that if you’re strong in a couple areas, chances are good that you display the character to be solid across the board. Sure, we can readily point to high level pro athletes who are bloody awful role models but do you think they got there by being jerks? No way!

We’ll have a little more to say about many of these traits in the coming weeks, but this week we’ll focus on work ethic.

I’ve had the privilege over the past week to observe former CHS soccer star Josee StieverIMG_6313 doing some of her off season conditioning.  To all the high school athletes out there wondering what they need to do to get to the next level, you’d be hard pressed to find a better role model who was where you are just a few short years ago.  Consistency, hard work and focus were readily apparent.  And that she was doing it by herself with the kind of focus I observed was remarkable.  It isn’t glorious and many days it might not be the most fun thing you do.  It might take time away from things you’d rather be doing.  But it certainly is absolutely necessary, both to maximize your next season and to excel at the next level. The great John Wooden once said “When opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare”.  How true this is!!

We have a number of athletes from local high schools who train with us who just
plain “get it”.  They understand that to get to that next level, you need to build a solid foundation.  They are high performing athletes now but the real benefit of their work will show up at the next level. Their hard work, especially in the off season, will be the difference between having to ride a learning curve (which is shaped rather like a bench…) their collegiate freshman season and being an immediate contributor.

Summer is coming.  College athletes coming home for the summer, you’ve more than likely been handed a program to execute.  We’re here for you.  High school athletes – you simply cannot wait for your “pre-season camp” and expect to be competition ready for your next season. It just doesn’t work like that. We’ve revamped our sports performance programming to help you maximize your readiness for the next season — and as a side benefit, you also make yourself much more resistant to injury.  Your competitive season is short; you have little time to make an impression on the college coaches attending games and meets.  Will you show the best version of yourself possible?

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