Group Ex #526 – Thursday, May 19th

This week’s Strike is just shadow boxing and kicking … no gloves.  We’ll do 3 blocks — a punching block, a mat based block and a kicking block …

40/15 with active recoverysil_ckb
4/2 Straights/Duck Unders
4/4 Speed Bag/Hooks
F2B 4 Forward & Rewind
8/4 High Knees/Straights
REPEAT, then recover with ….Jack and Jab
Pushup to Punch
Plank Jack & Punch
Crunch & Punch
REPEAT, then recover with…Jack and Jab
Lunge to Kick (Left)
Lunge to Kick (Right)
Walkup to Kick – Ladder 1-5
F2B 4 Kicks Forward & Rewind
REPEAT, then recover with … Jack and Jab

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