Why we Strike!

Every Thursday we tee up a combat sports themed session. We typically alternate between weeks of no contact cardio kickboxing intervals and weeks where we glove up and bang on stuff.  Some might find it odd to find this sort of programming at a center which does not teach any form of either martial arts or fighting in general. But think about the best conditioned athletes in the world …. a few things come to mind. Folks who do CrossFit ™ at a high level are certainly well conditioned.  Sports like rugby, Australian rules football, soccer and similar sports require some pretty amped up conditioning.  But when you think about what various athletes need to prepare for, it seems pretty clear that the preparation to defend yourself from having the @#%@#$% beat out of you is likely something we could take a lesson from.  So, although we are not martial artists or fighters, we do have great respect for their training methods!

A few days ago, I ran across the infographic below put together by friend.  There is some useful information here that captures well some of the reasons we are fond of striking! This comes from healthlisted.com and you can click the image to read a bit of detail about each point.  This coming week we’ll be putting on the gloves and knocking some stuff around … and in case it ever crossed your mind to ask why .. well .. now you know!




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