Preparation Matters

Warning …. some proud Dad boasting may be detected … (Coach Jim writing today…)

We’ve been chirping quite a bit lately coming into the summer about the need for young athletes to make effective use of off season time to condition and re-condition their bodies in preparation for the competitive season.  The two primary drivers for this are pretty obvious — enhanced performance on the field/court/track/etc and reducing the risk of season ending injury.  The former is easy to detect when it is working … the athlete is faster, cuts sharper, jumps higher, hits harder — all those things athletes want to be able to do.  The latter is effectively an insurance policy.

A little over a week over, we had to “file a claim” on that policy for the second time in a few months.  I have a soccer playing daughter who plays with a tenacity that memes like “she be little butIMG_6899 she be fierce” are made for.  It’s fun but often a little terrifying to watch.  She came into the season fresh off rolling an ankle in a showcase tourney out west and looking at her foot, I was about half convinced her freshman season just wasn’t going to happen.  Thanks to preseason conditioning, she was able to take the better part of a week off to recover and still hit the ground running – starting in and scoring in the very first game of the season and her high school soccer career (which, in and of itself might seem strange to those familiar with her club team — who won their third straight state title last fall when she stopped a penalty kick in the overtime shootout – yes, she is also a goalkeeper.. go figure.)   Then last Thursday, disaster struck.
She was taken down hard (I won’t pass judgement on a play I didn’t see, but am told it was a pretty brutal foul) and stayed down. Carried off the field. 4 hours in the ER on a morphine drip and a full slate of xrays for a low back injury.  Things seemed pretty bleak.  After moving pretty gingerly for a couple days, she returned to training THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY … with her state ODP team, then with her clubIMG_6901 team and keeper coach Wednesday and Thursday.  The pics to the right as testament to not just a pretty tough kid, but one who did the work in the off season. Lifting, plyometrics, speed and agility work and oh she loves to push the heavy sled.  I sure am glad we had that “insurance policy” !!

So it is the off season for many young athletics now … are they putting in the work this summer to perform their best in the fall … and radically reduce the chance of going down with an injury?  Summer conditioning programs are under way here at 2 The Max Training, but it is not too late to get started.  Contact me or Jake for more details!

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