Are You Getting the Most From Your Employer Health Plan?

If you have health insurance through your employer, chances are good that there are many benefits you are not taking advantage of, including some you may not even know about!  Encouragement for employees to participate in wellness and fitness programs has exploded in the past few years as everyone looks for ways to reduce the cost of health insurance as well as keeping a handle on health care expenses themselves.  Many employers directly offer various forms of incentive programs for documented participation in a wellness/fitness program and a growing number are outsourcing this benefit management to third party providers who work with employers, insurance providers and HC_Logo-320wellness/fitness facilities.  2 The Max Training is part of the Healthy Contributions network, which works directly with large local employers like Aurora Health and Milwaukee Public School as well as major insurance carriers such as United Health, Humana and Medica.

Members who are doing either personal training or adult group fitness with us are encouraged to check with their HR folks to determine what benefits might be available.  We can provide monthly reports to you directly if needed and if your company or insurance is part of the Healthy Contributions network, we’ll get you enrolled and submit your attendance data directly.

Since most people now contribute a significant portion to their health insurance, it pays to understand all the benefits and take advantage of things like reimbursements for something you are already doing!

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