Return of “DOYO”

A few years back, we had a bud of an idea that never found its way into practical use …. but it appears now that perhaps the time has come!  Two of our adult group sessions last week, our 1776 (rep) session on Monday, July 4th and our “Blackjack” session on Friday, were essentially “do on your own” … DOYO!  Although a number of folks did

them with doyosomeone else and we had a fairly steady stream of folks coming in to complete their workout, it wasn’t so much a class as it was “open gym with a plan”.  The feedback on this a format has been very positive and since Fridays have a different schedule than the rest of the week anyway, it is a great match for an update to the weekly programming schedule.  We’ll still roll out a fresh workout for these, but the format will vary.  Look for these on Fridays – we’ll open the gym at 5 am and remain staffed until 7:30 am (the 9:30 am class will stay in place and use the same workout but in the normal 30 minute class format).  You can start any time and can plan on a workout that you should be able to complete within 30 minutes.   Have a friend a little bit tentative about trying out a group class? This is the perfect day to bring a friend!

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