Boxing for Fitness

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When you think of getting a full body workout boxing isn’t the first thing that will come to your mind. Yet, this sport has proven techniques that will make you physically stronger, aerobically fitter and even throw in some cool defense and offense moves. It is for this reason that the popular Victoria’s secret in their itsy-bitsies regularly don boxing gloves to get into the ring for increasing their muscle tone, lowering body fat, improving reflexes and gaining more upper body strength. Inspired yet? Here are some reasons why you can take up boxing for fitness:

It is a super fast calorie burner:

Boxing keeps you on your toes, literally, as far as your workout goes. Here are some stats that will make you grab that glove. Boxing burns an average of 13 calories a minute (which is almost head to head with other cardio workouts like running and cycling). The calorie burn effect depends on how you choose to spar. 30 mins with a boxing bag can burn 200 calories, while the same time sparring with a partner can burn 300 calories and same time in the ring can burn up to 400 calories*!

Boxing burns overall body fat

There is a reason why you see most boxers not only have well-toned body but move on to get a six pack. Boxing packs a powerful workout where you need to work your legs in coordination with your hands and hips to throw that powerful punch. The constant hip movement gives a better workout to your abs than an isolated abs exercise on the floor. And believe it or not, it is definitely a better way to tone your body than doing workout, the old fashioned way.

Punch that stress away

Modern living comes with its share of stress. We are constantly pressed for time with a million things on our to-do list. Sometimes, when things don’t go as per plan, do you feel like punching someone hard? That irritating boss, that irate colleague or the chaotic struggle between home and work can literally be dealt with, one punch at a time. Take it all out on the punching bag and you’ll notice that you calm down at the end of the exercise. It doesn’t really solve your problem but calms you down enough to find a better way to deal with it than anger. And the best part – the punching bag takes a beating without hitting back.

Boxing is never boring

Suffering from the gym effect where you’ve been enthusiastic for six months but beyond that the same old treadmill and running is getting too boring to keep you motivated? Try boxing for fitness to punch away the boredom. With boxing, you always have a new challenge and something new to learn. The bar has nowhere to go but up and you can go from one challenge to the next and keep trying new techniques that can get you a better grip on it as a sport, fitness regimen or defense technique. Boxing also extends into various other sports like varieties of kickboxing which again raises the bar on your fitness.

Boxing teaches you offense and defense

So the punching bag doesn’t punch back but a sparring partner will. You’ll have to improve your agility to not only defend yourself but also give back a punch or two. There is nothing that really matches the feeling of confidence that comes from winning a boxing match or the learning that you get from losing one.


*All estimates based on a 140-pound individual  


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  • Jamie says:

    Nice article. As a boxer, it’s great to see someone else promoting the sport to the wider fitness community. Boxing isn’t just for young guys with a chip on there shoulder and something to prove. It’s a great sport for getting the body in peak physical condition while also developing confidence and a strong mind.

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