Blood, Sweat and No Tears

So a lot of folks come and donate sweat here on a regular basis.  That’s good. We like that. But we want more. We want your blood .. well .. actually, the Red Cross wants your blood but we want to help them get it!

eposter346168The day after Thanksgiving is often called “Black Friday”.  It marks the traditional start of rampant consumerism and sort of kicks off the secular side of the holiday season.  How about we stay in the spirit of giving from the Thanksgiving holiday and give something that really matters!! How about a “Red Friday”.  We will be hosting a Red Cross Community Blood Drive on November 25th.  What a better way to celebrate in not just spirit, but real action, the theme of that holiday weekend. Give thanks on Thursday, do some very important giving on Friday!

Please consider joining us on “Red Friday” … do just “BE” good … “DO” good!  If you have questions, just drop an email to:

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