Friday “DOYO”

Although we rolled out the open block Fridays quite some time ago, I still get a lot of questions and we’ve had a surge of new faces in the past few weeks .. so, a little level set is probably in order…

“DOYO” — Do On Your Own … simply, this one is not instructor “led” .. now, that doesn’t mean the place is empty. doyo_grayThe workout itself is similar our day to day sessions and should be pretty familiar to most. We do new original sessions every day, but we do have some go-to movements and some common terminology that gets to be second nature after a few weeks.  So, you come in and start any time during the open block but we’d expect you to be here no later than about 20 minutes before the stop time.  If you want to do a shorter or longer workout, that is up to you. This is sort of “open gym, but with a plan”.  A trainer is present to assist as needed – just not running the show as a formal class.

The formats for these will vary widely but we will plan to run the rolling Tabatas with a new block starting up every 5 1/2 -ish minutes the first Friday of each month. The other weeks, expect things like circuits, rep count ladders, lanes, and a wide array of other things.  If you absolutely love a workout, that’s great but sorry, you won’t see it again .. at least not exactly!

The Friday blocks run from 5-6:30 am and 9-10:30 am.  The 6:30 am is a real hard stop (Jim has to go do Dad things for a couple hours…), but the 10:30 is flexible.   We currently do not run PM group classes.

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