Group Ex #660 – Monday, October 24th


Monday rolls around again. A new week, a fresh start perhaps.  Mondays matter. They can set the tone for our entire week.  While I like to stage my week from Sundays, I only very rarely do a workout on Sundays. So, keeping with my mantra of “every other day, take 2 rest days when needed, but never take that third day in a row off”, I try very hard to #nevermissamonday.  If you’ve been away for a while for any reason, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of kicking it back into gear on a Monday.

We make Mondays easy to follow. Nothing too fancy, usually with minimal equipment and this week we’re staying body weight only.  Up to 5 rounds, but capping it at 22 minutes – 10 exercises, 10 reps and a time for each.  500 reps.  500 usually feels like a solid target for boot camp-ish stuff but you need not get all the way there to get a beast of a session under your belt. Go at your own pace. Get your week off to a good start.  Not a regular but curious? Start HERE to preview.


And don’t forget, we will be hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive on November 25th … the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday? Nope, we’re now calling it “Red Friday”. You can book your appointment (and please tell a friend!) at using sponsor code:  2themax

Monday boot camp

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