New Year to Bring New Things for Group Ex

There are lots of new things on the horizon for 2017 at 2 the Max Training and we’ll get the word out on things as we finalize details.  First up, news on the adult group fitness program.announcement-breaking-news-14

  1.  New “naming” .. we’re just gonna start calling it what it is so you will begin to see sessions referenced as “Boot Camp” instead of “Group Ex”.  There are many reasons for this besides it just sounding “cooler”, but mostly we hope to set aside any misconceptions .. we don’t dance, we don’t do canned or choreographed sessions, watch videos or run any of the stuff you see on infomercials.  We are part of a worldwide community of freelance boot camp trainers who share ideas and collaborate to create new and original workouts every day that incorporate functional movements, ability to modify movements and follow the latest in good sports and fitness science.
  2. New corporate offerings …. these are aimed at businesses up to 10 employees and pricing will be tiered as follows:
    1-5 participants:    6 months @ $249   12 months @ $449
    6-10 participants:  6 months @ $499  12 months @ $899

    ** if you are a business owner with more than 10 employees, contact us for a custom package.

  3. New LOWER pricing for individuals.  We’re changing over to 6 and 12 month packages, but dropping the monthly cost a bit.  These remain family packages — couples and children up through college graduation.

    6 months @ $179   12 months @ $325

  4. The 10 packs will remain available…. 12 for the price of 10, good for 3 months.
  5. Drop ins …. remain $5.

    We do expect to expand the Yoga offerings after the turn of the new year and this is included in all boot camp membership packages.

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