Holiday At Home Workout

Take the time to enjoy feast and family on Thursday — and go for a nice walk (I know, weather is going to be a littlethanksgiving-closed-image questionable…) after the feast!

So, either before your Thanksgiving feast or perhaps on Friday (before you donate blood….!!!), here’s a little something to carry you over…

Crazy 8 Body Weight Only ….

1) 50 Jumping Jacks (do them fast but with good form)

2) 20 Pushups

3) Walking Lunges (Go a total of 50 steps)

4) 20 Airplane Flexes

5) 20 Squats (again, quickly but with good form)

6) Mountain Climbers (30 total steps)

7) 10 Burpees (come on, you know you love burpees…)

8) High Knees (high lift and do the fast … 50 total steps)


Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!


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