Boot Camp #698 – DOYO – Friday, December 9th

Tis the season …. we had a chance to make a snowman outdoors last weekend — though little remains of those, it is time for the annual build a snowman workout!  So ….. do you wanna build a snowman??  NOTE – we are publishing this one early because we will be using it Wednesday at the 5:30 and 7:30 pm sessions because attendees at those sessions very rarely get a peek at our DOYO sessions on Fridays!

First, choose your level of intensity … easy: 40 reps each, medium: 50 reps each, challenge: 60 reps each.  STAY WITH THAT LEVEL!! 🙂

You have 12 parts to accumulate…. you can go in any order once you have the snowballs in place! Let’s see how far you can get!

Draw your snowman as you complete each part!! (worksheets provided… or click HERE)

  1. The large base snowball — V-Sit Pedal
  2. The medium middle snowball — Jump Rope
  3. The small head snowball — Alt Ankle Taps
  4. Left Stick Arm — Skaters
  5. Right Stick Arm — Med Ball Woodcutters
  6. Left Coal Eye — Mountain Climbers
  7. Right Coal Eye — Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  8. Carrot Nose — Alternating Front Kicks
  9. Pebble Smile — Alternating Reverse Lunges
  10. Top Hat — Jumping Jacks
  11. Scarf — Squats
  12. Corncob Pipe — Airplane Flex
  13. BONUS — Add 1 button for every 10 Burpees


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