Wisdom In The Most Interesting Places!

I get a lot of email from folks in the fitness world .. some like me who do most of our work behind the scenes (and like it that way!) and a few luminaries too .. this came across this week and it is one of most profound and honest things I’ve read as we adjust to the new year  …. have a quick read. If it piques your curiosity, as me about it and I’ll share the source…


I don’t really subscribe to a “new year, new you” style of thinking and I’m not a huge fan of lofty new year resolutions, but I do think there is something uniquely fresh about the turn of a calendar.

In light of that freshness, I find that both reflection and intention are useful spaces to occupy. Can we reflect on how much we’ve grown and the lessons that we received, willingly or otherwise? With that reflection in mind, can we then begin to set intentions moving forward, taking full advantage of the feeling of freshness that the new year brings?

For my part, I’ve reflected on three major lessons the universe forced down my throat graciously bestowed upon me:

Identity is wholly self-defined and consistently in flux.

I’m a mother, a yogi, a meathead, a writer, a feminist…but not a single of those identifying characteristics comprises the sum of who I am. Society doesn’t get to define me, sure, but I must also take care not to over self-identify, lest I keep myself from being able to grow and adapt.

I can’t be a warrior as long as I choose to be a victim.

If we can learn to let go of our role as the victim, however justified it may feel, we will release so much misery and resentment. As a warrior, we can step into a space of power—a space where pain teaches us and strengthens us, rather than keeps us small.

From this space we can grow and expand, transforming our pain into an energy force that propels instead of paralyzes.

There is no such thing as “when things calm down.”

Waiting for the “right time” is waste of time, and expecting life to slow down so that I might catch up is an unrealistic and ineffective strategy. Rather than wait for things to calm down before taking next steps, I’ve chosen to seek as much balance as possible in every phase of life.

Balance, as it turns out, is always available to us.

Pretty good stuff, eh?

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