Book Offer As We Approach the Lenten Season

Warning .. there is nearly no fitness content here … but go ahead .. it will still be good for you!

The start date moves around year to year, and here we are again approaching those 40 (ish) days leading up to Easter.  While we can go round and round debating the merit of celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th, for the early Christians, the days leading up to Easter and the weeks following formed the essence of beliefs for which they were willing to give their lives.  For modern Christians, Lent has often lost that sense of the profound.  Not limited to, but often associated with Catholics, it is a period of giving things up — chocolate, meat on Fridays, etc.  And if  you want to take that approach, well, I suppose it might be better than just blowing it off and simply looking forward to a visit by a big rabbit who lays eggs.  But what if it could be more?  What if you took that 40 days and really basicBLEmade it count? What if … every single day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday you took just a few minutes to focus in on what this season is really about?

About 5 weeks from now, we begin Lent.  For the six weeks that follow, I invite you to reconnect with your faith via a simple but profound book from Matthew Kelly.  “Rediscover Jesus” is a journey, a pilgrimage back into a deep and abiding relationship with the Christ.  Kelly is a Catholic writer, but this is not a “Catholic thing”.  It is certainly a “Christian thing” and folks from all Christian faith traditions will enjoy this book.  More than the usual daily devotional pamphlet, “Rediscover rediscoverjesuscoverJesus” will help us focus what it is we not only believe about Christ, but how we put that believe into practical action. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry.  It will build you up and probably, at least a couple times, break you down.  Take it seriously though and it will transform you.  We did this a year ago as a loosely organized online retreat .. this year, grab a book and if it stirs you to begin a conversation .. well, let’s have one!

I have a limited number of copies (about 20) left from last year that I’d love to get into folks’ hands.  This book continues to be one of my favorites and was a necessary stepping stone in my journey.  Note — for those far away, see this link to order the book in Kindle or print format…

A quick bit about me … I am a practicing, though perpetually questioning/pondering/discerning Catholic.  I have a graduate degree in lay ministry and have continued my graduate studies in theology and scripture and assuming completion of my final synthesis paper, will graduate this coming May with another masters degree.  I have a deep concern about the lack of unity among the people of God — ummm.. that is all of us, by the way.. every single person on the planet…. Perhaps it is simply human nature to find it so easy to focus on differences while ignoring the similarities.  I am neither a glass half empty, not a glass half full advocate. I’d simply point out that the glass can be refilled.  Like my core conviction that properly nourished with food, rest and exercise our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves, I also believe we can … no, we must .. do the same for our spiritual side.  My perspective as a Catholic is not very mainstream. (I find myself becoming more fully “catholic”, but less “Catholic”)  I was a convert in my early 20s, but  this happened at a time when the formation process was lacking. It wouldn’t be until more than a decade later that I truly made that decision.  Today, the academic pursuits may generate more questions than answers but they have deepened the conviction that I have chosen the right path in coming back to a deep commitment to my faith.  Perhaps the greatest revelation for me over the course of nearly 9 years of graduate work is that you have to learn a lot to come to the conclusion that you can’t really know that which you desire most to know! Regardless of your Christian faith tradition, please .. stop in and grab a book.  Again, this is a not a Catholic thing.. it is a Christ thing so let us cast our nets far and wide….

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