Unplug 2 Reconnect – 2/18/17

Saturday edition …. it is desirable not to let go of our contemplative practice on the weekends .. in fact, we may need it even more then!!  So we’ll publish a short piece every day, even on the weekends when there is no group setting and encourage you to set aside 20 minute of quiet time and reflect upon today bit of wisdom afterward.

For each session, a common open and closing thought might be appropriate for you .. use our suggestion if it helps you! This is done silently…. The close is your exit thought — again, if it helps you. The scripture will come from the sacred texts of a major world religions and spiritual wisdom from writers, artists and poets throughout the ages …. keep an open mind — wisdom is found everywhere!! We will read this aloud at the end of the 20 minute silent meditation, but give you  the opportunity to exit if you desire.



O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. — St Augustine


Let me not forget you as I go forth into the world this day, blessed Lord; may my every word be a prayer, and my every act be testimony to your love and truth, and may I know your presence every second of this day.

Wisdom for Reflection: (today from the Buddhist Dhammapada, #291)

Whoso seeks his own pleasure by another’s pain, is entangled in hate and cannot get free.

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