Unplug 2 Reconnect – 2/27/17

For each session, a common open and closing thought might be appropriate for you .. use our suggestion if it helps you! This is done silently…. The close is your exit thought — again if it helps you. The scripture will come from the sacred texts of major world religions and spiritual wisdom from writers, artists,  and poets throughout the ages …. keep an open mind — wisdom is found everywhere!! We will read this aloud at the end of the 20-minute silent meditation, but give you the opportunity to exit if you desire.

** special note — you will frequently see authors described as “mystics” – do not be put off by this term – it refers to an experiential way of knowing rather than a mere belief system .. this elevated way of “knowing” is called different things in different cultures and traditions but it not the domain of a chosen few – it is available to all!

Wisdom for Reflection: (today from “The Imitation  of Christ”, by Thomas à Kempis, 15th century Christian monk and author)

“We should not trust every word that we hear or every feeling in our hearts; rather, we should bring such matters before God and carefully ponder them at our leisure.  It is sad to say, but we are so weak that we are more ready to believe bad things about another person — and to spread them around — than we are to believe or to say something good about them”  (from Chapter 4 – Thinking Before You Act)



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