Unplug 2 Reconnect – 3/20/17

This week, we’ll theme or meditations around patience.  We all have those times … hours, days, weeks and more sometimes that it feels like the more universe is conspiring against us.  Our silence helps us tune in to a more positive view of the world, one that recognizes that all we really have is the absolute present moment and if we’re able to realize that, we can get through most anything.


I’ve had a particularly challenging go of things for a while now … the passing of my mother way too young, a freak fall early in the morning on the ice that is taking a long time to heal, a gazillion little things every day that just seem like they shouldn’t happen and then just yesterday, a near catastrophe on the interstate.  But so far, my track record of getting through this is 100% … and that’s what I need to remember!


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