Unplug 2 Reconnect – 4/6/17

Although on the whole, most of us who can read this live relatively comfortable lives, but still we are subject to struggles. A month ago, I lost my mom at least 10 years before I would have thought it predictable … my stepdad lost his wife of nearly 40 years.  And his struggles continue .. living with dementia in his mid 80s, he was making a go of it alone in the home they shared, the home I spent my youth.  Yesterday, when my sister returned him from a medical appointment, that home was in flames.  I’m told it is likely a total loss.  He lost not only a home but 4 beloved pets.  We featured the biblical Job on Monday … I imagine he’s feeling like Job right now.   Yes, we struggle.  And for the most part, we come through those struggles to shine another day.  For my stepdad, and all those going through life altering traumas, I dedicate this entire week as we focus on perseverance….







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