Boot Camp #799 – April 10th

On Mondays, we reach a little for a theme, sometimes using the date of the month for “inspiration”, but this week we’re really digging deep .. a good fit perhaps for a format (EMOM) which is actually pretty simple but sorta defies a quick explanation!

The Monday session uses no equipment (yes, taking care of all you folks away in far away places in search of better weather!).  Rounds will last 1 minute — we have 5 pairs of exercise with a define rep count.  Works like this….

Start timer – do the reps of both exercises (ie, first pair is 8 pushups and 20 high plank shoulder taps).  You should finish within a minute … when done, rest until the bell.  Do that 3 more times.  Rest a full minute and move on to the next pair.

About that theme … well … if you manage to get through all reps, you’ll do 544 total.  How’s this for a reach …. 5+4+4 = 13.  Jim’s birthday falls on the 13th (not this month though!) and in fact, Jim turned 13 on Friday the 13th ….  go figure…

Here’s even a link to a 1 minute timer …..

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