New Wellness Offering to Debut This Summer

As we continue to refine, evolve and expand the programming for adults, particularly those around 35 and beyond, we are happy to add Qigong to the wellness lineup. A guide Qigong session will follow the 6 am boot camp class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and follow the Friday morning DOYO open block on Fridays.  We will continue the current block of Yoga on Tuesdays at 6:30 am.

For those new to Qigong, your closest familiar reference would likely be Tai Chi .. they are closely related, though Tai Chi tends to be a bit more complex.  Though the name may be somewhat recent, Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years and is used extensively in Chinese Traditional Medicine.  In recent years, Western doctors have seen the benefits and it is not uncommon for Qigong to be recommended, even in the United States.

We will initially feature 4 very basic practices .. The 5 Elements, The 8 Brocades, Animal Frolics and the 18 Taiji.  Sessions will run approximately 12 – 28 minutes so we will always wrap up by 7 am.  Target start date is June 12th.

Like our meditation series, these are open sessions.  No membership is required (for those new to the facility, we will have you sign the standard waiver but all are welcome!) They will be offered standalone from the boot camp classes, though participants in the 6 am class are encouraged to stay and finish off their session with Qigong.

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