Boot Camp #805 – Monday, April 17th

primes11  Primes
We used this format with only 9 exercises way back on August 1st last year and updated it to 11 earlier this year .. both days had a curiously light turnout so very few saw the original version or the update so here is a tweak or two on the sequel!!  Eleven exercises, minimal equipment required, rep counts corresponding to the first 11 primes (160 reps per round) – Target: 3 full rounds …. then pick any of them and knock out 20 more reps for an even 500!
2x  Burpees  (mod to vertical burpee: kick-kick-squat-elevate)
3x  Hand Pickup Pushups  (mod to “stick ups”: back and heels against wall, arms start in shape of goalpost flat against wall, raise and straighten arms staying against the wall, return to starting position = 1 rep)
5x  Skater Taps (hard count)
7x  2 Way Jugglers (description:  raise and tap each ankle, raise and tap top of each knee = 1 rep)
11x  Plank Jacks (hard count if using mod version of one leg at a time)
13x S2S Shuttle Jump Shots (soft count  … side shuttle 3-4 steps at a time back and forth, elevate, simulating a basketball jump shot at the end points – count all segments)
17x  Mountain Climbers (hard count … mod: elevate against mat rolls, sandbag or box)
19x Rope Slams
23x Squat Jack Cross Taps (soft count)
29x Hip Dips (hard count)
31x  Jumping Jacks

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