Boot camp #838 – Strike! – May 25th

We’ve moved Strike! to tabata format for a while … this week, with the off bag alternate blocks based on popular cardio kickboxing movements.  Note — there will NOT be a class at 5:30 this week — final week for our regular instructor and Jim is off to a pair of soccer games.

Watch for summer schedule announcement tomorrow .. beginning June 12th, we will be moving to only 90 minute open block sessions in the afternoons — do a posted workout or a activity of your choice.  7:30 pm classes will run on Tuesday and and Thursdays only.  (hint – the best time to work out is early in the morning — it is WAY too easy to find an excuse later in the day to skip a day .. which becomes several days.. which turn in the weeks .. and well .. some folks already know exactly what I mean…. 🙂