Weekender – 8/3-4/13

Hey Park WOD-ers .. here’s a weekend workout for you …

We call this a ladder … you pick a number of repetitions to do and a pair of exercises .. for one of them, you start with 1 rep and go up, the other, start at the max and workdown.

So… here’s a ladder for this weekend…

Let’s say 12 reps…   exercises are Total Body Extensions (substitute prisoner squats if you like…) and Pushups

Round one .. 12 TBEs/ 1 Pushup

Round two.. 11 TBEs / 2 Pushups

Round three.. 10 TBEs / 3 Pushups

….. and so until you get to 1 TBE and 12 Pushups …

Feeling like you need more .. grab a drink, rest for 2 minutes and do it again….

See ya Tuesday!


Weekender!! (got 20 minutes?)

You’re on your way to making exercise a healthy habit but we don’t want to put too many off days between the active ones. A day off between Tuesday and Thursday is a good thing, but 4 days off between Thursday and Tuesday.. well.. not so good.  Here’s a quick workout you can do pretty much anywhere to stay on track.  No equipment beyond a way to keep track of time.  If you have questions about any of the exercises, drop me a note below and I’ll explain.  (need a great timer — click the GymBoss over on the right to grab one from Amazon.. a must have!)

This one was posted a couple weeks ago … I liked it then so, here’s a “done in under 20” for you…

Warmup 4 minutes — do each for 20 seconds

1. jog in place
2. butt kicks
3. jog in place
4. high knees
5. jog in place
6. side to side shuttle with knee up
7. jumping jacks
8. front arm circles
9. arm circles left side
10. arm circles right side
11. jog in place
12. finish warmup with a run in place

Workout (15 minutes total) do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds between each. Do this circuit 3 times

1. Bodyweight squat
2. Bird dog
3. Single leg glute bridge (pick a side)
4. Single leg glute bridge (other side)
5. Total body extension
6. Low plank hold

Cooldown with some walking and a few static stretches

See ya Tuesday at Georgetown Park!!

Questions?? Drop me a note with the form below!



A Ladder for the Long Weekend

Okay, we all probably celebrated in ways which were a tad unhealthy yesterday and some are probably still celebrating and making a long weekend out of it. But falling off the wagon doesn’t mean we can’t stay on track…

Here’s a couple ladder format workous (just 2 exercises) that you can do .. maybe Friday and Sunday ???? … and then we’ll see you over at hill at Grafton Lions Park next Tuesday.. Continue reading