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The nutrition workshops are on hold …. we hope to resume in June!

Digestive health, natural ways to heal your gut

Gut health as never been popular. Personal experience as a naturopathic nutritionist reveals that half of my clients can’t “go” enough and the others “go” too often. Your gut health is directly linked to a healthy immune system, brain health, detoxification and your personal microbiome. You’ll learn about gluten, GMO foods, digestive enzymes the importance of pancreatic enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and how they differ from antibiotics and where to find living supplements that dramatically affect the body.

Heart Health  Don’t get caught in the calcium trap.

Where are you getting your calcium from? Oyster Shell? Dolomite? Egg Shell? Women have increased their risk of Heart Attack 85% by taking insoluble forms of calcium which is why Heart disease affects women far more than men.  I’ll discuss the heart health, calcium supplementation and lowing cholesterol natural

Past events….

December 2016 (12/1/16 @ 7 pm)

Love Your Liver!



November 2016 (11/3/16 @ 7 pm)

Healthy shopping & eating on the go




October 2016 (10/4/16 @ 6:30 pm)

Healing naturally – reverse, repair and restore your health

October Wellness Workshop


Healing naturally – reverse, repair and restore your health

Did you know that America represents 5% of the global population but takes 75% of pain killers globally! Are you aware that over 900 chronic conditions are reversible naturally?  Your body under the right condition will reverse, repair and restore itself! Learn how to naturally address chronic conditions like achy joints, hypertension, diabetes, acid reflux and more – even if you or someone in your family is a picky eater there are natural solutions available.

Come dressed in workout clothes and join us at 7:30 for our evening group workout .. we do Tabata on Tuesdays!


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