Tabata-Thon — Fundraiser for Advocates of Ozaukee County

Details are starting to come together for our summer outreach project! We host Red Cross Blood Drives in the early spring and late Fall when the weather is cool enough to not require full building air conditioning.  Having done a few things in the past for Advocates of Ozaukee and having some personal connections to the wonderful staff there, we wanted to devote an event to them ….. and here it is … Tabata-Thon!

What is Tabata?  Without delving into the science behind it, Tabata is an interval training timing protocol developed in Japan.  You pick a rigorous exercise, then alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. Bottom line, the possibility of a pretty extreme workout in just 3:50!  We use this format in our boot camps twice a week, modifying it just a bit — we use pairs of exercises instead of just one and our intensity level is adjusted to each participant. We generally do 5 complete blocks of this, resting for about a minute between each.


For Tabata-Thon, we’ll start the music tracks at noon on Thursday, August 3rd and keep them rolling for 12 hours. Folks can come in anytime during that 12 hour block and do as many Tabata blocks as they want — and donate $1 for each.  All proceeds destined for the vital programming of Advocates of Ozaukee County.

There is no need to register, just come on in, complete a quick waiver (not needed for current members!), warm up a bit and then join the fun.

Want to help but don’t think this mode of exercise is up your alley or can’t make it that day but want to contribute? We have set up an event with YouCaring to allow you to securely donate online … go HERE  (

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