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  • Sport Performance Training
  • Personal Training
  • Adult Group Exercise

Sport Performance Training (Individual or Open Lift)

Individual training at 2 The Max is the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for one on one attention throughout their entire session. Individual Training allows for our Trainers to create a fully customized program based solely on your individual needs as well as your sport specific goals. We will also help in crafting a nutritional plan to maximize your results.  Training is available in 45, 60 or 90 minute blocks.

10 pack – 45 minute sessions  $400.00 | 60 minute sessions  $500.00 | 90 minute sessions  $700.00


Group Training at 2 The Max is the perfect option for anyone that wants to workout with their friends or teammates.  These are semi-structured sessions.  Athletes participate in an initial orientation session. Workout details are posted by age level and sport.  Athletes work in age bracketed time blocks at their own pace and intensity level under the supervision of one of our trainers.  Capacity for open lift is limited to ensure that individual attention is available for any athlete needing assistance.   

Unlimited sessions (off season/pre season)  $99/month

Up to 2 sessions per week (in season maintenance)  $49/month



Personal Training (Individual or Small Group)

These personalized sessions are for those who thrive in a one on one setting. Whether you are currently exercising or are beginning a new fitness regimen, we will come alongside you to help you reach your fitness goals. Each session provides its own challenges and will leave you feeling invigorated

10 pack – 30 minute sessions  $350.00  REGISTER/RENEW


Adult Group Exercise

Group Ex at 2 The Max Training features a supportive community experience to help you get on track with healthy habits and then maintain them.  All sessions are just 30 minutes and group ex packages feature access to unlimited classes.  Family friendly, no explicit lyrics and the sessions are fresh every day.  Nothing canned here, giving you the flexibility to work at your desired intensity level and modify the session (up or down!) to meet your current fitness level. Free preview session is available and recommended!   

4 Months, Unlimited Classes  $129.00  | Annual Unlimited $285.60 | 10 Pack (11 classes, to be used within 3 months) $49



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